Consumer Goods

To remain competitive, new successful business models must continuously be established in the consumer goods sector.

Based on lasting customer and consumer relationships and often service-driven result sets, personalized experiences can be provided that go far beyond the traditional product focus.

To ensure that revenues can be realized accordingly, the flexible and modular SAP BRIM is the ideal solution.

  • Scalable business models
  • Improved end-to-end process control of Quote2Cash
  • Standardization of processes and products, including pricing and billing functions
  • Fully automated processing of complex partner billing models
  • Customized invoicing and efficient financial accounting processes
  • Evaluation of key business indicators in real-time

SAP BRIM is used in the billing and revenue management of:

  • Personalized subscription boxes (fashion / food / non-food) in flexible subscriptions or in half-yearly and annual subscriptions
  • Subscriptions for white goods (refrigerator, washing machine, dryer)
  • Club memberships in annual subscription as well as discounted or free services
  • Webshop connection for invoicing and payment accounts
  • CO2 offsetting
  • Online marketplace subscription