Wholesale Trade

New digital technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, blockchain, and e-commerce offer wholesalers the opportunity to reposition themselves in an era of technological transformation. To remain competitive, retailers must offer value-added services: Services around products that online competitors cannot offer.

They need to transform themselves into an "anything, anywhere, anytime" retailer. One way to do this is not only to understand customer needs but also to become a solution-oriented distributor.

To ensure that revenues can be realized accordingly, the flexible and modular SAP BRIM is the ideal solution.

  • Scalable business models
  • Improved end-to-end process control of Quote2Cash
  • Standardization of processes and products, including pricing and billing functions
  • Fully automated processing of complex partner billing models
  • Customized invoicing and efficient financial accounting processes
  • Evaluation of key business indicators in real-time

SAP BRIM is used in the billing and revenue management of:

  • Usage-based services (IoT technology)
  • B2B customers
  • Bonus apps (collecting points and exchanging them for discounts or vouchers)
  • One-click payments and revenue sharing