Media and Entertainment

Providers in the media industry are subject to highly competitive and innovation pressure. Successful media companies are already in a state of upheaval and are changing their business models and value chains.

To ensure that revenues can be realized accordingly, the flexible and modular SAP BRIM is the ideal solution.

  • Scalable business models
  •  Improved end-to-end process control from Quote2Cash 
  •  Standardization of processes and products, including pricing and invoicing functions
  •  Fully automated processing of complex partner billing models
  •  Customized invoicing and efficient financial accounting processes
  •  Evaluation of key business indicators in real-time

SAP BRIM is used in the billing and revenue management of:

  • Subscriptions and bundles for digital and traditional media
  • Licensees and distribution of e.g. copyright fees to licensors
  • Advertising revenues and their distribution
  • Streaming services and distribution to artists, labels, and publishers
  • Media levies/broadcasting fees and partner distribution