Passenger Transportation and Leisure

Customers are increasingly looking for flexible and tailored services as well as transparent pricing models in the form of subscriptions and bundles. For the service provider, fully automated and cost-efficient processing of broker and partner billing models is essential to remain competitive in a price-sensitive market.

To ensure that revenues can be realized accordingly, the flexible and modular SAP BRIM is the ideal solution.

  •  Scalable business models
  •  Improved end-to-end process control from Quote2Cash and collection to delivery
  •  Standardization of processes and products, including pricing and invoicing functions
  •  Fully automated processing of complex partner billing models
  •  Customized invoicing and efficient financial accounting processes
  •  Evaluation of key business indicators in real-time

SAP BRIM is used in the billing and revenue management of:

  • Tickets and subscriptions
  • Mobility solutions
  • Broker models
  • Payment service providers
  • Automobile and touring club memberships
  • Customer loyalty programs