Revenue Assurance – Reduce outstanding debts

The financial crisis, together with the rise in the number of bankruptcies and stricter regulation by the authorities, means that the competition is getting tougher all the time.

Increasing bad debt, rising debt collection costs and cash flow volatility are affecting your performance even if you have excellent turnover results.

GTW supports your company in designing and optimising your business processes, to meet changing needs.

GTW helps you to reduce outstanding invoices (DSO) by means of:

  • Purpose-oriented dunning
  • credit management with credit worthiness checks (Credit Limit Control)
  • reduction in fraud cases (Fraud Prevention)
  • analysis and optimisation of your SAP system (hybris Billing, SAP IS-T, SAP IS-U, SAP FI-CA/SAP RM-CA)

What’s more, we support speeded-up external collection by automating and optimizing workflows, which make collection of receivables faster and more efficient. Our clever submission procedures help you reduce debt collection costs.

Another area of operation involves implementing financial accounting systems in line with legal requirements. Our consultants work with you to ensure the following:

  • transparent processes (traceability)
  • dual verification systems
  • SOX compliance
  • security certification

By working closely with you, we are able to map transparent workflows for sensitive processes such as deferred revenue, value adjustments and doubtful receivables.

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