Monetizing Digital Transformation

Build new and innovative business models with SAP BRIM and launching them on the market

  • Pricing, billing and invoicing a wide variety of services and products Landscape
  • Introduce new products and services within a short period of time
  • Implementation of prepaid, postpaid and partner participation scenarios
  • State of the art integration with other SAP modules and integration of existing billing systems

With SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management), traditional billing has been replaced and revolutionized. BRIM enables your company to manage the billing process in a flexible, performant and to process higher transaction quantities without having to forego the integration of existing billing systems.

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Function and benefits

With SAP BRIM, the entire offer-to-cash business process can be mapped - from the preparation of quotations to the billing and evaluation of the services used, right through to invoicing and receivables management. At the same time, existing external systems for customer care, evaluation, billing and invoicing can be linked to the SAP BRIM landscape in order to harmonize the entire billing process.

The most important function of SAP BRIM is the mapping of usage-based or recurring price models for tailor-made offers and the possibility of real-time pricing.

Your advantages with SAP BRIM

  • Shorter time-to-market of products based on subscriptions and usage-based services or physical goods bundled with services
  • Flexible handling of revenue-sharing models
  • Realization of hybrid prepaid, postpaid and pay-as-you-go business models
  • Rule-based and intelligent automation of invoicing and accounting processes
  • Automated and efficient high volume processing of data
  • High transparency / traceability of the entire billing process chain - from usage events to invoicing
  • Reduction of operating costs through consolidated billing systems
  • Increase customer satisfaction by displaying costs, services and physical goods on a single invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of Business Models in BRIM

Billing of prepaid and postpaid products - calls, SMS, MMS, Internet

Sharing Economy
Time-based rental of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, etc.

Automatic toll billing according to actual kilometres driven

Software Licenses
Billing of licenses for software with different subscriptions - one-time 1-month trial, monthly/annual subscription etc.

Online Storage = Cloud Storage
Subscriptions with different prices, which are billed according to the size of the storage space and contract duration.

Public Transport
Train, bus and tram journeys: Single tickets and monthly/annual subscriptions can be billed in BRIM.

Charging stations

Rental of Machinery and Equipment
Printers, machines, robots can be billed according to their actual operating hours.

Extras for Household Appliances, and Vehicles
Household appliances: Remote maintenance
Car purchase: GPS, assistance systems, maintenance, roadside assistance

Platform Business Models
Service providers and customers meet on one platform

What are the benefits of an SAP BRIM implementation?

Digitalisation enables new personalized products and services that must be pushed to market quickly.With the BRIM solution, customer requirements can be implemented better and faster, processing times can be reduced and costs can be saved. High data volumes can be processed with high performance efficiently.

Which services do I get as a customer out of the system?

Subscription-based contract management

  • Capture and monitor subscription orders to ensure shipping and billing accuracy
  • Automatic contract changes, extensions, renewals and billing cycles
  • Management of master agreements, including invoice hierarchies, special catalogs, and shared credit memos

Collection, enrichment and management of usage data

  • Acquisition, optimisation and consolidation of usage and event data for price calculation (rating) and determination of the invoice recipient (charging)
  • Support of growing amounts of usage data with unlimited scalability
  • Presentation of graphical workflows with fast configuration

Agile billing to support your business models

  • Design of customer-oriented, subscription and usage-based pricing models, e.g. revenue sharing
  • Simplify the creation, management, and execution of allowances
  • Seamless integration into your current digital environment with flexible APIs

Consolidation of all billable services on one convergent invoice

  • Improve customer satisfaction with clear and precise invoicing
  • Consolidate invoice information from different areas and partners into a single, clear summary
  • Tailor-made pricing with comprehensive functions for discounting at invoice level

flexible document management

  • Easy creation and personalization of business communications - both digital and printed
  • Adaptation of messages and formats for account statements, invoices and receipts
  • Document management self-services that do not require IT intervention

Comprehensive customer management

  • Controlling the flow of revenue with intelligent, highly automated receivables and payment processing
  • Complete overview of financial customer data

Which tools are combined with SAP BRIM in one system?

SAP BRIM consists of several components that can be used individually according to requirements:

  • Customer and Contract Management (Subscription Order Management) in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)
  • Pricing in SAP Convergent Charging (SAP CC),
  • Billing and creation of invoices in SAP Convergent Invoicing (SAP CI)
  • Management of Open Items in Subledger Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (SAP FI-CA)

With these components, the entire offer-to-cash process can be mapped - from billing the services used to invoicing and receivables management.

As a flexible universal solution, SAP BRIM is used across industries in companies in the telecommunications, logistics, media, utilities and many other sectors.

What does the abbreviation SAP BRIM mean?

The abbreviation BRIM stands for "Billing and Revenue Innovation Management". As GTW Management Consulting GmbH, we use our broad industry experience to implement versatile out-of-the-box solutions within the BRIM system landscape that are tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.

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