Process Consulting – Efficient workflow

Our consultancy services include working with you to analyse your company and its routines, identify core processes and optimization potential, and get them into shape, together with you.

GTW supports and accompanies its clients in implementing process optimization.

Our services encompass the following:

  • identification, analysis and documentation of core processes
  • optimisation of processes and process networks (removing redundant features, developing strengths)
  • process review and coaching

Good business process reengineering begins with the identification and documentation of key processes that define your company and enable it to operate successfully in the market.

Process evaluation involves establishing the core processes that cannot be changed because they help you to differentiate yourself in the market. It also entails finding out which processes can be standardised because they offer no competitive advantage.

Once these processes have been categorized, we work with you to decide on and implement optimisation and standardisation measures.

Process optimisation measures are undertaken as part of projects. GTW can act as project implementer and work closely with the client to analyse and identify potential for improvement, and then develop it.

However, we also offer support and coaching for members of your staff, as part of our quality assurance services. This has proven to be ideal if you want to run your internal projects with your own staff, but require some external expertise. We are at your side, offering advice and specialist know-how. We review your results and, if needed, recommend an alternative approach.

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